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Finding my career
in Leipzig, Berlin and beyond

Hi! I’m Eva.
Call me crazy, but I have fallen in love with Germany.

So I moved here from 9.000 kilometers away, from busy Taipei to lovely Leipzig. And the suitcase I brought is bursting with talent and energy, waiting to get to work for you: as Product and Project Manager.

Managing your software and IT projects on time, within budget, to the customer’s satisfaction — while ensuring lively team spirits: That is what I love! Also, I am pretty good in social media. Not bragging! 

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FB Chatbot Building Platform

Dobbie is a Facebook chatbot building platform in Mandarin. As product manager, I developed the platform from scratch: Devised information architecture and user flow, designed wireframes, clickable mockups, and UI layout, and orchestrated the development process.

social media marketing

Chinese Poetry Fan Page

This is my passion project. Although poetry is a niche interest and there is no sponsoring, I successfully turned my Facebook page into the most popular Chinese literature hub, with more than 360.000 followers. The page has partnered with over 40 companies and brought several poetry books into Top 10 best sellers.


Wreck Them All

This augmented reality app replaces brand logos with animations, pointing out how globalized capitalism wipes out the original culture of a city. Under the instruction of Swiss artist Authur Clay, I spearheaded the project team to build the best story with limited time and resources.  

Interactive Art

Red Line

Exhibiting in 2014 Taipei Original Festival, this is an interactive art using Unity 3D and Kinect. Two participants can interact with each other and the animation through a virtual red line. I combined cultural imagery and user demands to design the interactive experience, and coordinated the team as project manager.  


Burning Bunny

Burning Bunny is a RPG game serving as a calorie tracker. Users can customize healthy weight losing plans, track daily meals and exercises, and unlock animations by accomplishing goals. I designed a light and intuitive user experience, and coordinated the project development team.

Interactive Art


Shout a word into the sculpture. Animated figures will echo your word with their own voices, randomly protesting or voting for it. This is a digital art using Arduino, with the purpose of showing the difficulties of online discussions. I developed the concept and interaction flow of this project.

Interactive Children’s eBook

Mr. City Gives A Big Sneeze!

An original story about environmental protection, presented in an interactive way: melodic rhyming text, games, sounds and animation — a multi-media experience for kids. I wrote the story and designed the interactive effects of each page.


Hack Your Date: Stars Tell

Stars Tell gives you a hint on how to hack your date by the characters of 12 zodiac signs. With a member system, the comments and discussions keep the content of the app alive. I designed the user flow, coordinated the team, and delivered a MVP in 2 weeks. 

Eva Lee

Product/Project Manager

Project management
UX design
social media marketing


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Social media marketing

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